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5 Ways to Monetize your Blog or Website!

Good for you! You must have a blog and are ready to make some money with it! Making money with your blog is actually easier than you may think. In most cases, its as easy as signing up and waiting for the click (or cha-ching)! While there may be hundreds of ways to earn income from your blog, here are 5 easy and FREE ways to monetize your blog or website!

1. Become An Affiliate ((CPA) Click Per Action)) – Making money as an affiliate is just as easy as posting a link or banner. As an affiliate, you are able to promote thousands of different companies and earn money when your readers make purchases. There is a huge variety of companies to choose from so don’t worry that you will have to go to each website and apply! Check out Commission Junction Click HERE or Shareasale – Click Here.  Both sites organize companies for which you can easily apply and upon approval can begin advertising for. They will keep all of your banners in one location and will pay you when you earn! Trust me, this is much easier than going through each program individually and 90% of the time, the company will actually direct you to their affiliated Affiliate Organizer.

  • Some advertisers will automatically approve anyone who requests to be an affiliate. Other companies will review your site and will then make a decision to either accept or decline your application. Sticking to companies that are in line with what you blog about will increase your odds of getting accepted!

2. Google Adsense ((PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising)) – It is just what it sounds like. You allow Google Adsense to post its ads on your blog and/or site. Whenever a reader “clicks”, you earn money. Getting started with Google Adsense is easy and while it is only pennies in the beginning, the money can add up pretty quickly.

  • The ads displayed will typically pertain to your blog post making them more likely to be clicked on and Advertisers “bid” on certain keywords. Making sure that your post is filled with popular keywords will increase the money you are able to make.
  • If you aren’t accepted the first time you apply to Google Adsense, don’t worry! Keep blogging, posting, and building viewers and eventually, you will get accepted!

3. Writing Product Reviews – Yes, you really can get paid to write reviews! Check out Review Me . and Blogvertise.  There, you can submit your blog(s) and website(s) for approval. Once approved, you will be eligible to write reviews and earn money for your opinions. They will grant you access to a database of needed reviews and will handle all of the details. You simply get approved, set your price, and start writing!

  • You may not get approved right away! Review Me automatically re-reviews websites so continue building your business and you will eventually get the approval!  I believe that they look for a variety of things like number of visitors, page rank, etc.  For 10 FREE ways to boost your blog or website traffic Click HERE
  • Remember to always be honest! Don’t “sell out” simply to make a few bucks. To build an audience, your readers need to trust you and trust your opinions! Be REAL!

4. Sell your own ads – This is usually once you have gotten a pretty good start on your website or blog! There are many companies online which will allow you to become a member of their network and they will begin selling your available space. You will need MAJOR NUMBERS to make this happen so I suggest building a lot of content and huge audience  before going this route BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a few buddies with a local shop and sell some space when you are getting started!

5. Sell Products – You can always sell products on your website! Become an Ebay Partner or An Amazon Associate to begin marketing and driving sales! As an Ebay Partner, you can choose to post generic banners driving your audience to Ebay or you can choose to post actual items by choosing keywords and creating your own “scrolling banner”. Sign up through Amazon Associates and you can actually place images and links directly in your text.  You will get money only when you sell through these guys BUT adding an image relevant to your text is always a great way to increase the odds that someone will make a purchase!

Here is an example of the types of things you can sell through Amazon Associates….you can sell items, cellular devices, books, etc!


How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day-Job With My Blog  Only $.99!

I hope that these tips and tools are helpful to you as your get feet wet in making money from your blog! If you have any tips or success stories-Please share them!


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