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How to Make Money Tweeting with Sponsored Tweets!

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At sponsored tweets, you are paid per post to advertising to your twitter pals! Your rate of pay per post is determined by the number of followers you have and the more followers…the more opportunities there are to earn!

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Tips to Making Money on Ebay – From Goodwill to Profit!

As I sit here to write this post….I hear the sounds of one of my favorite “picking” shows in the background. When I first began watching these shows, I am ashamed to admit it but I was BORED out of my mind! I really didn’t care about the car parts, or the old rusty oil cans, or even the vintage pieces of brands that I couldn’t pronounce…but that all changed when I began selling on Ebay.

Ebay is one of the largest web based auction sites around and ANYONE can sell on Ebay. For many, it is a quick way to sell a few extra items. For others, it is a way to buy needed items at a reduced price…and for those of us like me-It is an ADDICTION.

Ebay allows anyone to be a home based entrepreneur and a MUST for anyone wanting to make money online. As an Ebay seller, you are responsible for finding your own inventory, setting prices, shipping product, and building relationships with your customers. You wouldn’t think that the customer service piece is so important on this virtual auction house BUT IT IS. Buyers and sellers leave feedback to determine scores and you will deal with some of the same customers if you have a store. It is just like running a brick-and-mortar business and if you are willing to do the work…there is money to be made.

My addiction started when I became a work from home parent. I needed something to put my “business brain” and “entrepreneurial energy” into. If you have read any of my hubs before, you know that I am probably a borderline Hoarder and find value in the items that others do not. I began by selling broken electronics that I had stored in my home to eventually repair (until I got the quotes)! It was exciting but not yet addicting. The addiction kicked in when I began selling the items that only I saw the value in. Each day I would chase my husband to the trash can to find my next challenge. I would always see something that he was throwing out that I knew I could sell. He despised seeing this and offered me a trip to a mental health professional one day after I saved a broken x box 360 controller. He recanted and apologized when I sold this same controller for $9.99.

So…now, I am hooked! I recently started my own Ebay store and needed inventory. I have honestly sold all of my “hoard” so there weren’t many quick selling items available at my home. With a little inspiration from another E-bay Blogger HawaiianOdysseus…I went directly to my favorite store…the Thrift Shop. My local thrift stores are teeming with activity these days…heck, even a popular rapper has written a song about Thrift shops! They are now the “hip” place to be and my number one place for inventory. Below is a small breakdown of items that I purchased and listed on Ebay along with my potential selling price based on research. ALL were sourced at my local Thrift Store!

My “Goodwill” Inventory

purchase price
value based on SOLD auctions
(NWT)Greys Anatomy Lab Coat
$29.99 SOLD
(NWT)Landau Lab Coat
Fetco Trout Frame
Reed Oil Diffusers
Poppytrail Stawberry Plate
Listed up to $32.99
Poppytrail Rooster Plate
Affliction Shirt
$20.93 total
$118.93 Approx
Total Sale Price was determined by using a lower “estimated” sales price. Just because I found them listed that high…doesn’t mean that mine will sell that high!

Want to try to make a buck?

If this has you thinking that you may want to try to strike it rich selling thrift store items on Ebay…then welcome to my club! Thrift stores are very overwhelming and you have to buy Quick! If you hesitate-just like in an auction- its going, going, GONE! Starting out, you won’t know what brands to look for or what will sell well so you have to go with your gut. Think about what you would bid on and go from there.

Here are 10 Tips to selling Goodwill items on Ebay!

  1. Start as a seller not a store. This is a business so you want to keep start-up expenses as low as possible. As an individual seller, you can list up to 50 items a month with NO insertion fees. You will be charged a percentage only after the item sells. Once you upgrade to a store, you pay a monthly subscription, an insertion fee, and a reduced percentage on the sale (Ebay calls this the Final Value Fee). Keep costs LOW and DRIVE PROFIT!
  2. Price some of the items around your home. You can find almost anything on Ebay and you can even look at closed auctions. Take a few minutes and grab some plates, frames, collectibles, clothing, etc. from your home. You don’t have to be Selling them to get a value. This will give you a great idea of what to look for when you go treasure hunting.
  3. Start Small. Start with about 10 items. You don’t want to go broke starting your new business. I started with junk around my house and keep my goodwill trips to under $20. This keeps me in line with my cash flow…money comes in and less goes out!
  4. Buy based on what you learned by pricing items at home. Look for items that still have original tags, are in great shape, or just look cool or “vintage”.
  5. Post and price these items based on what you see in popular or closed auctions. Just because someone has it posted for $50 doesn’t mean that it sells for $50. Be competitive but make a profit.
  6. Be patient. Not everything sells the first time. It costs you nothing to re-list it! Like in all businesses it takes time and energy.
  7. Pack Lightly and Ship Accurately! Use as little packing as possible while still ensuring safe deliver. Extra packing materials mean extra shipping charges. That overage will come out of your profit so be as accurate as possible. You can ship online through the USPS and a postage scale is only about $20. being accurate with Shipping will keep money in your “register” .
  8. Clean up items and make them look fresh before sending! You wouldn’t buy a dirty shirt n the store so don’t send it to your customer.
  9. Keep your receipts! If you get home and it turns out your purchase isn’t going to make you any money…most stores have a 7 day return policy.
  10. ENJOY THE RIDE! Ebay can be fruitful and stressful at times but is an enjoyable side business!

I hope that these tips have been helpful to you in turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure! It can be done and is being done by many on Ebay. If you have had a HUGE SCORE..please share. While Ebay is competitive…it is also filled with sellers who believe that we don’t win UNTIL WE ALL WIN. Sharing our knowledge is always returned with a new tip or trick…even from a beginner.
So get to picking, get to listing, and GET TO SELLING! Enjoy your profit!

Want to learn more about the Ebay Business?

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Want to try to get rich without pre-buying inventory

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Looking around for things to sell?

Here are



Want more tips on Goodwill to Ebay items? Check out HawaiianOdysseus’ article….

My Goodwill Store Haul February 18, 2013

How to Make Money on Inbox Dollars! Without BUYING anything

So you are loinboxoking around the web for ways to make money online and you keep seeing Inbox Dollars….you wonder…is it true or a scam? The good news is that it is true and you can make SOME money online. It is certainly not a new career nor is it a way to become a millionaire…..but it is a way to get rewarded for some of the things you are already doing!  You will see on the site that you can take advantage of “offers” which are usually paid trials or subscription services that will cost you money before you get any money back or by playing paid games. THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUT BUYING THINGS YOU DON’T NEED! Here are my suggestions on how to make money on inbox dollars!

Inbox Dollars is a fun site where you can make money (get rewarded) for the things that you do everyday as well as playing games, printing coupons, online shopping and more! They have a low payout  threshold of $30 that is payable via check. They will start you off with a $5 bonus just for signing up so you are well on your way to making money.

Here are 10 ways to make money with Inbox Dollars!

1. Sign up – CLICK HERE to sign up for Inbox Dollars. you will instantly be given $5 just for joining!

2. Install the Toolbar – they will pay you $1 to install their toolbar to your screen. This will make it a lot easier to  remember to use Inbox Dollars for your Web Searches! They will pay you .01 for each time you use Inbox Dollars as your search engine…doesn’t seem like a lot BUT it does add up!

3. Read Emails – read the daily emails  that they send from their “partners” and be sure to click the “CONFIRM THIS PAID EMAIL BUTTON” .  You will be paid something like $.02 for each email you confirm…again, doesn’t seem like much BUT you were going to read junk mail anyway,…..right?!?!

4. Using Grocery Coupons – Click the coupons link and then print your grocery coupons. Use these at the store and you will be paid $.10 for each coupon you use. Note: this doesn’t post right away but it WILL show up in your account!

5. Shopping for what you already would have purchased! This is not very well known because it is hidden under the “More” Tab. There are pages of companies you can shop with and get rewarded. I use drugstore.com for so many things and get rewarded anywhere from 6-10% for things I was already buying!

6. Refer Friends – as with any great site…refer friends and you will make some money! You will get a specified amount as they earn on Inbox Dollars,…..It does add up!

7. Sign up for “partners” mailing lists. Again…you were going to read your mail anyway so why not get a few more emails.  Certain partners will pay you anywhere from 10 cents to $1 just to get you on their list!

8. Daily Surveys – Inbox dollars will give you daily opportunities to take surveys ranging from $.25 to $2.00.  These surveys will vary from 10 minutes to about 30 minutes.  Log in daily because these change quickly!

9. Partner videos – Yep… you can even get paid to watch commercials! It is usually about $.01 per video but again…it adds up!

10. Tasks – these are very similar to “hits” on Amazon’s  MTurk. You can choose from man different options of tasks and it usually involves finding a page rank or –google this and tell us what comes up. They may only pay a few cents at a time BUT they are fast and easy to do!

So there you have it! YOU CAN EARN MONEY ONLINE without spending more money!!! If you are interested in more paying survey sites – Please Click HERE to see my list of 10 FREE paid survey sites

Enjoy your rewards and remember….it isn’t going to be the start to your online empire BUT it does add a little extra money to the bank account!

How to Make Money Selling Broken Items on Ebay!

ebayYep…all the keys are gone and the screen is broken!
Missing pieces…
Injured at the gym…
Frayed wires!

I will be the the first to admit that I am no “techie”. I have some moderate repair skills and have repaired a wii, can diagnose computer issues (thanks to software), and can sometimes fix buttons and gadgets but once the screen breaks…I am out. Until recently, I had been saving items with injuries beyond my repair expertise thinking that one day I may be able to get them repaired and turned for a profit. So….having some extra time…I took the whole lot to a computer repair man. I had a few good quality cell phones with busted screens, 3 laptops needing screen repair, and a few miscellaneous gaming devices needing new cords. I was shocked to hear the total for repair was over $1000! WHAT?!!? No way would I get my money out of these items and some he said were beyond repair. He then proceeded to offer me $200 to purchase my lot of items. This prompted a major “I told you so” from my husband. “See, I told you they were worthless and I should have trashed them when you weren’t home” , he said. A little perturbed, I kept thinking…if this guy was wiling to buy them, then there has to be value. He wouldn’t buy them just to be nice, he was a businessman. With a renewed sense of entrepreneurial energy, I decided to try one more avenue. Sorry hubby….I still had one trick up my sleeve.
I am noticing more and more that not just small electronic stores are selling used items but even large retailers are offering “refurbished” items. On sites like B

est Buy, Sears, Walmart, etc, you can find electronic items for sale that have previously been someone else’s broken items. So…if they sell it….they must need to buy it, right? Enter EBAY my Ebay Addiction!

I did the only thing that I knew to do.I went to Ebay and searched broken electronics..much to my surprise…Ebay has a LARGE market for broken items and they weren’t just listed…THEY WERE SELLING! So, I quickly began posting each item in my pile with honest descriptions of the technical issues or needed repairs. In just 2 weeks, I accumulated about $800 in just broken electronics! My husband was shocked (and had no trouble spending the money) and I was ecstatic. …I had found my new side business. I was going to flip busted electronics!

Here are 5 BROKEN items I have sold and made money from on Ebay!

Yep...all the keys are gone and the screen is broken!

1. Broken Laptops – I have sold three of them. One was missing ALL of the keys thanks to my children and they both had screen damage. While they went for various amounts….I did get about $200 for them in total.


Frayed wires!

2. Broken gaming controllers – This was a big money maker for me. Some were wireless items that simply stopped working and some ad cords that had begun to fray so were unusable. Again, I received varying amounts but even the “off brand” less desirable ones sold for $2…better quality – almost $15 a piece.

3. Cell Phones – My biggest moneymaker. I had quite a few around the house. Some were in working condition and others had screen damage. I had two that were within 2 years old that had busted screens that brought in a large chunk of cash. One with a busted screen sold for over $150! IF you have an older cell that isn’t selling like hotcakes online and you just want to get a few bucks…try USell. They will make you an offer for your phone and they will send you the free shipping packet too. Upon receipt, they will make a deposit into paypal. You will usually get more from paypal but some of the older models won’t sell quickly on Ebay. Its just an alternative! TIP – since you are listing these as “broken- for parts only” you can sell the charger separately to get a few extra bucks!

Missing pieces...

4. Broken tablets – Sadly, I had a few of these. I decided this Christmas to get each child one of the smaller 4 inch tablets. They were about the size of a cell phone BUT I had hoped that the investment would save me from having more #3s (broken phones) to sell! So I found a brand (to remain nameless) and within a few weeks…all of them were non-working due to various issues. 1 was the day after Christmas so it was easily returned. The others slowly declined until they went to white screens with no way of unlocking them. Online suggestions were crap and I decided it was better to post them. On each one, I got about 25% of the price I paid for them. Not a great profit but at least it was some money back!

Injured at the gym

5. Children’s learning items – think leap frog explorers, learning pads, etc. These weren’t really broken but certainly missing accessories. They all sold for more than I would have gotten at a garage sale so I was happy.

So that’s it. I showed my husband that the items we had fought over did have value to someone who was more technologically inclined than I was. Now, it was up to someone else to repair and flip the items for a profit. I may not be a “techie” but I am an entrepeneurer and now appreciate those who are “techies” even more…they love buying my used stuff!
Please share if you have sold a broken item on Ebay and what your experience was like!

Get FREE Website traffic! Visit or Host a Linky Party or Blog Hop!

My screen after an hour!

My screen after an hour!

Do you need more visitors?

Of course! Everyone does!

As a fledgling blogger, it is always disheartening to see a lack of visitors to your website or blog. I mean c’mon, you poured your heart and soul into the masterpiece…and not many have read it! What the heck?! If you are going to make this a career, or even a side income, you have to build an audience.  Not just any audience, one who will follow you, share your articles, and be engaged!
Clearly if you are reading this, you must have a blogging outlet that you need to drive traffic to. You have your site up and running, you have the content there, have painstakingly designed and altered your site…and now…you sit and wait for an audience. Since you are just starting out with your site, it seems silly to make the large investment into GoogleAdwords and Bing’s version of traffic production. You are starting out ona new venture so keep your overhead low and don’t worry…there are tons of FREE options for you!

If you have a little time to invest,

Try taking part in a Linky Party or Blog Hop!

What is a Linky Party or Blog Hop?

It is an amazing tool that connects bloggers. Think of it like a pot luck dinner. At this potluck, everyone meets at one location (the host’s website) and everyone (bloggers) bring something to share (an article). See the picture at the side. This is an image from my blog hop. Some have hundreds of participants but this was my first try! I will take the 40 or so that I have so far, It started at midnight and is now noon.

How to get started

I started with Linky Tools but they only give you one month for free. I hear that there are other free services so I will be trying these and filling you in on how they work!

To Host: Simple sign up at linky tools. You will get your blog party posted in their directory for other bloggers to see as well as will be given a code to post to your site allowing entry to your party. Give your party a theme or task. 1 blogger today gave you a set of 5 questions that you were to answer on your own site and post a linkback to her site. LOVE IT! It kept visitors on her site for more time while they read questions…well played blogger lady! Now…visit all of the guest posts that you can,ideally as the host you should visit them all! Each post submission is presented on your page in the form of a link and thumbnail. Leave a valuable comment on the guests’ site and link with them via pinterest, facebook, linkedin, email, twitter, google plus…you get the idea! You can solo host OR co-host with a fellow blogger.

To be a “guest” – find ongoing linky parties (and trust me there are at least 20 a day that I can find on just the linky directory alone without googling). On their post for the party, you will see a spot that shows other participants and then the phrase “you are next…CLICK HERE” …click there. From Here, you will post one of your blogs that pertains to the site or the challenge of the day. You will get hits from many other participants and comments from them as well! Visit other participant’s sites, leave comments, and connect!

That sounds easy right? IT IS!

Here are tips on how to be in and Host a Successful Blog Hop!

  • Visit as many of the sites and parties that you can
  • Leave meaningful comments and invite them to your site. If you have an upcoming blog party- post it with your comment on other blogger’s sites!
  • If you are hosting…have a GIVEAWAY! It really brings in the fellow bloggers
  • HOSTS should feature a few blogs that got high traffic or where especially awesome!
  • Have a “website button” available for guests to use to linkback to your site. Some hosts will require the linkback or they will delete your submission. EVIL
  • CONNECT with anyone and everyone that you can!
  • ONLY submit content that is relevant. If it is a “green” site- don’t submit..“why I love burning down the forest”…bad idea!
  • If you find a blog that you can’t relate to who is hosting…just go to their comments and explain the situation and invite them to join in your party. For instance, a lady was having a blog hop today about homeschooling her children and requested only posts relating to homeschooling..I have none but value the connection as I am doing it next year. I left a polite comment and asked that she join my linky party….she DID!

So those are just a few tips on a linky party! My website had 200 unique visitors yesterday during the blog hops. I will take 200 new visitors…wouldn’t you?

Check out the Linky Parties and Blog Hops and let me know what you thought. It is so easy to do and really does produce great traffic. If you have had a successful party or hop previously…please share tips and tricks!


get more tips by Clicking HERE and reading 10 ways to get FREE traffic to your website!

5 Ways to Monetize your Blog or Website!

Good for you! You must have a blog and are ready to make some money with it! Making money with your blog is actually easier than you may think. In most cases, its as easy as signing up and waiting for the click (or cha-ching)! While there may be hundreds of ways to earn income from your blog, here are 5 easy and FREE ways to monetize your blog or website!

1. Become An Affiliate ((CPA) Click Per Action)) – Making money as an affiliate is just as easy as posting a link or banner. As an affiliate, you are able to promote thousands of different companies and earn money when your readers make purchases. There is a huge variety of companies to choose from so don’t worry that you will have to go to each website and apply! Check out Commission Junction Click HERE or Shareasale – Click Here.  Both sites organize companies for which you can easily apply and upon approval can begin advertising for. They will keep all of your banners in one location and will pay you when you earn! Trust me, this is much easier than going through each program individually and 90% of the time, the company will actually direct you to their affiliated Affiliate Organizer.

  • Some advertisers will automatically approve anyone who requests to be an affiliate. Other companies will review your site and will then make a decision to either accept or decline your application. Sticking to companies that are in line with what you blog about will increase your odds of getting accepted!

2. Google Adsense ((PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising)) – It is just what it sounds like. You allow Google Adsense to post its ads on your blog and/or site. Whenever a reader “clicks”, you earn money. Getting started with Google Adsense is easy and while it is only pennies in the beginning, the money can add up pretty quickly.

  • The ads displayed will typically pertain to your blog post making them more likely to be clicked on and Advertisers “bid” on certain keywords. Making sure that your post is filled with popular keywords will increase the money you are able to make.
  • If you aren’t accepted the first time you apply to Google Adsense, don’t worry! Keep blogging, posting, and building viewers and eventually, you will get accepted!

3. Writing Product Reviews – Yes, you really can get paid to write reviews! Check out Review Me . and Blogvertise.  There, you can submit your blog(s) and website(s) for approval. Once approved, you will be eligible to write reviews and earn money for your opinions. They will grant you access to a database of needed reviews and will handle all of the details. You simply get approved, set your price, and start writing!

  • You may not get approved right away! Review Me automatically re-reviews websites so continue building your business and you will eventually get the approval!  I believe that they look for a variety of things like number of visitors, page rank, etc.  For 10 FREE ways to boost your blog or website traffic Click HERE
  • Remember to always be honest! Don’t “sell out” simply to make a few bucks. To build an audience, your readers need to trust you and trust your opinions! Be REAL!

4. Sell your own ads – This is usually once you have gotten a pretty good start on your website or blog! There are many companies online which will allow you to become a member of their network and they will begin selling your available space. You will need MAJOR NUMBERS to make this happen so I suggest building a lot of content and huge audience  before going this route BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a few buddies with a local shop and sell some space when you are getting started!

5. Sell Products – You can always sell products on your website! Become an Ebay Partner or An Amazon Associate to begin marketing and driving sales! As an Ebay Partner, you can choose to post generic banners driving your audience to Ebay or you can choose to post actual items by choosing keywords and creating your own “scrolling banner”. Sign up through Amazon Associates and you can actually place images and links directly in your text.  You will get money only when you sell through these guys BUT adding an image relevant to your text is always a great way to increase the odds that someone will make a purchase!

Here is an example of the types of things you can sell through Amazon Associates….you can sell items, cellular devices, books, etc!


How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day-Job With My Blog  Only $.99!

I hope that these tips and tools are helpful to you as your get feet wet in making money from your blog! If you have any tips or success stories-Please share them!


If you build it, will they come?

CONGRATULATIONS! I assume that if you are searching for ways to drive traffic to your website then you have just started a new venture!Launching a new website can be stressful, costly, and mostly irritating. The largest part of the frustration is getting visitors to your newly hatched project. If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or a business owner with a product to sell you know that the number one thing holding back the success of your website is TRAFFIC. No click, no sale, nor progress will happen without them. When you first realize that this is key- you will of course google the question and find many sites and services offering visitors, clicks, and higher search engine results for a FEE. You just launched a new venture…do you really want to invest more money when this is something that you can do for FREE? My guess is probably not! Here are 10 ways to drive traffic to your site for FREE!

1. Online Classifieds – Simple as it sounds! Sites like Ebay, Craigslist, and others will provide you a few instant hits. Posting in areas where your site is relevant will result in the most return for your time.

2. Social Media – sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Facebook can get a GREAT place to get some instant traffic. These do involve having a small network in place but think of each one of your online “friends” as having ten “friends”. If you can get them to share, re-tweet, or repin you, you have reached hundreds with one post!

3. Online Forums – Search for people with the questions or issues that your website, blog, or product can help! Answer as many questions as you can and drive them to your site or blog. The best practice here is to only answer RELEVANT questions and to have thick skin. These online forum folks can be a bit brutal so answering a car question with…”Check out my website on how to raise a natural baby…it will help!” will get you some unwanted comments!!

4. Give something away for FREE -If you don’t have a product, try writing an e-book on your niche and offer it for free. Free items tend to go “viral” pretty quickly and the word FREE is hard to pass up!

5. Add your url to your signature – Use it everywhere! Adding your url to your email signature on your phone, networking sites, and email will get you some instant hits. It is a very indirect way of letting people know what you do without shoving it in your connections faces.

6. Use Free Traffic Exchange Sites – Be careful because these sites do make money from selling things BUT you can use them in their free state to drive traffic. They boast that you will get thousands of clicks and I am not sure if that is true or not BUT even if its half true…its a lot of visitors. Click the links for TraffUp or check out Traffic Swarm to get started. Get as involved as you can because you get “points” for viewing other subscribers sites just like they do to visit yours!

7.Link up with other sites in your niche – They already have the readers or customers that you are looking for so try building a backlink to your site. BE WARNED….you must be sure to only backlink from a site that is well ran and managed. If you link up with a scammer – you may get labeled one as well.

8. POST OFTEN – If you are running a successful site or blog you need to work at it. Updating your content as often as possible and using keyword rich articles will instantly get you better search rankings. Try searching for your topic or niche and see what your competition looks like..then be better!

9. POST ANYWHERE YOU CAN – Use sites like Reddit and Digg to post your links and ramblings. These are sites that are mostly community driven by folks are into reading what you have to say! Using sites like hub pages can help you add some income as well. There you can post your blogs about your products, services, or niche and even attach ebay and amazon capsules as well as Google AdSense adds to create income. You just started a business remember…a little income is a good thing. Get involved in the online communities to get the highest result for your time put in.

10. Guest Blog – Find a popular site similar to your niche that offers the opportunity to be a guest blogger. They will credit you and get your name and information into their successful search engine cyberspace. This will also allow you to directly influence their follows to migrate to your site! Only submit clear, concise, and well put together information for consideration. Developing a guest blogging relationship can be a fruitful one and a long term one! Consider offering them a guest spot in exchange and I bet they will promote the spot on their successful website.

Those are just 10 of the ways to drive website or blog traffic for FREE. There are many others out there and as you start down this list, the other ways will organically happen. You have built the site, invested your passions, so now quit reading and get to work! Never forget that success doesn’t happen overnight. As with anything worthwhile, it is going to take work on your part. Any affiliate marketing program, blog site, or web based industry that promises otherwise may be something to look twice at.

Good luck on your you new business endeavor and please share anything that has worked for you!

Make money Blogging on HUBPAGES!

Start your blog for FREE!

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people scour the internet looking for the next way to make some money working and blogging online. Too often, there are fees up front! You find “Buy this book and learn how to be the next internet millionaire with your blog” or “Pay for your domain name and website here and be on your way to getting rich online” …yep will find a lot of these hype filled promises and most are just that-hype filled promises with no opportunity.


Here’s your chance to start blogging for cash FREE! Okay so this isn’t enough to pay your bills but it is a great way to make some extra money doing what you already love to do and it is a FREE way to start your online empire!

Simply write blogs on Hub Pages and earn as they are viewed.

Sign Up HERE.

You can write about your family experiences, share recipes, talk about your craft projects…pretty much anything goes. That being said, you can write almost anything you want but highly searched items make the most money! There is ZERO cost and they do most of the work for you by pushing your work to the search engines.

Now the truth is that you will have to WORK  a bit to make money. You will need to promote your “Hubs” through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Sites, Friends. and Family (you will get some traffic from the site itself but not enough to make a lot of money). The more views your hubs get..the more money you make. So how do you make money you ask?

There are tons of ways to make money through Hub Pages…You earn through the site (HubPages)-off of ads that they post and through Google AdSense impressions. Google AdSense is an advertising service that places their ads on your work.When a visitor clicks on the ad, you will get some cash (usually cents). You can even add relevant ebay and amazon items to your hubs to increase your earnings .

Hub Pages does have a payout threshold of $50 which should be easy to reach if you are willing to put in the work. They even offer an “Apprentice” Program where they hook you up with other writers to support and coach you to help you be successful. While you are in this 6 month program, they will even pay you per post as well as allow you to earn through the monetization program.

No you don’t have to be a superb writer! My highest viewed blogs are recipes and those about recycled crafts. The more “hubs” you write, the more you can earn. There is even a learning center on the site dedicated to answering your questions and helping you earn money. When in doubt…post a question and ask other hubbers. They are always eager to help.

Good luck in your writing and let me know how it goes for you….it could be your ticket to becoming an online entrepreneur!

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

It seems that everyone these days has a need for extra money….I know that I do! Everywhere you look, you are bombarded by stories and websites boasting to make you quick money and the next “instant internet millionaire” if you purchase their simple system! Are these legit? My gut tells me no and that if it promises quick money, there may be a scam involved. So what should you do if you want to be an online entrepreneur and make extra money while in your pajamas? Do not fear! If you are looking to add extra money to your bank account, it can be done online and from the convenience of your kitchen table at little to no cost. It will involve work and dedication but there is online money to be made. Please know that it will take some time to earn money through these methods….or for you- it may happen overnight! Here are 5 simple ways to make money online that cost you nothing but your time and patience!

1. Sell on Ebay! Seems simple enough, right. Its like holding an online garage sale and you truly can make some quick money overnight. My best advice is to start only by selling the items in your garage or closet. If you try to start your own “Ebay empire” right away, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. No need to open a store when you are getting started because Ebay will let you sell up to 50 items a month with NO INSERTION CHARGES! You will only pay based on the final selling amount. So no sell, no charge!

  • Be sure to check out what similar items are selling for. Offer a competitive price but don’t start the auction so low that you can’t make money.
  • Be accurate with your shipping! Nothing is more frustrating than being wrong on shipping and losing your profit! Only offer free shipping when it makes sense. 
  • Don’t go into debt to start selling. Don’t worry about getting a large inventory right away. Start small and learn the game first! 
  • Click here to read more about if you should start an Ebay Store 
  • Want to try using a dropshipper to get a HUGE inventory? Read about them Here

2. BLOG FOR MONEY! You can get started for free on sites like Blogger and Hubpages. They both will allow you to participate in the Google Adsense programs where you are paid for the ads that they post to your blog. HubPages will allow you to add capsules for Ebay and Amazon promoting items that correspond to your “Hub”. You will get extra money when these items are clicked on and/or purchased. Blogger will let you advertise products as well and  earn when they are sold. It isn’t an overnight million BUT it is a great way to get a few extra bucks a month.

3. Online Surveys/Shopping – I am not a real fan of most of these survey sites. Many will tell you to spend 1 hour or so on a $.25 survey and will send tons of junk mail.  There are a few however that I do like! 

  • Click Here to Sign up for Inbox Dollars – This is a fun site that will allow you to earn in a number of ways. You can earn through online shopping (my favorite as it adds up and it is stuff you were already buying), by printing and using grocery coupons, doing surveys, web surfing, etc. There is a $30 payout threshold and they give you $5 to get started!
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – click here to get started! This site will allow you to work on “Hits” such as finding a page ranking of  site, searching for keywords, etc. They pay pretty well and you can earn some money pretty quickly through Amazon. Very safe and no junk mail.
  • Ebates – Click Here to sign up! You get a free $10 gift card for signing up and you can shop at thousands of stores and get cash back based on what you spend. The percentage back varies based on company but it is anywhere from 1 percent to major money back!  You can even signup for cellular services through them and get cash back on your phones and each month from your bill.

4. Start a website! Check out the prices for GoDaddy  and Host Gator  where you can instantly set up your website in minutes for as low as $2 per month. You can monetize your site through Affiliate ads and even earn money by writing product reviews. You will need a lot of traffic to your site for some affiliate programs to approve you so be sure to check out my blog on 10 free ways to get more traffic to your website!

5. Answer questions! Yep. This is as easy as it sounds! Check out WebAnswers. Web Answers is a site where users can ask questions and answer them. Once you have answered 50 questions and been selected as “best answers” you can earn money through Google AdSense impressions on your threads. Not a bad way to earn a few extra bucks!

These are just 5 easy ways to make some extra money. You will not get rich overnight with them and they will involve a bit of work but they are worth it after you get them going. Good luck in making money online and please share anything you have done to create a little extra money online!!


ImageMaking Money With Online Surveys is Easy! Perfect for College Students, Parents, and Anyone looking for some Extra Cash!!!


Making money with Online Surveys is one of the most asked about topics when talking about how to make money online. There are hundreds of thousands of sites promising to make you RICH if you simply pay $49.95 for their list of survey sites…NEVER PAY for this information! If you simply do an internet search for these types of sites, you will get thousands of results. You will also see tons of reviews directing you to either sign in and make money or to stay clear. How do you know who to trust??


I have listed below some of the more “user friendly” survey sites. These sites have low payouts, easy to complete surveys, and are legit ways to make a little cash from your computer. Many of these sites will pay you cash or will pay you in points that can be converted to cash, gift cards, or prizes! I like to stick to the CASH! These sites won’t make you rich but a little extra spending money is never a bad thing!



  1. Setup a separate email address for these sites. These sites can send a lot of survey requests and if you are doing multiple sites….it can be a lot of mail!
  2. Having a paypal account helps you get paid more quickly. Paypal costs you nothing to use and you can link it to your bank account for deposits. 
  3. Never give your credit card number out to these companies UNLESS you are signing up for a service. (i.e. you can sign up for Netflix through Inbox Dollars. you will get a certain amount of cash back in your account for your signup. Safe bet with them but if a site asked for this information…it would be a no)
  4. Be organized if you are signing up for “Free” trials that require a credit card.  Sure, you will get cash for signing up BUT that also means that they will be charging you the day that the “free offer” expires. If you want to earn money this way, be very diligent about canceling on the exact date!

Now that you have the tips…..HERE ARE SOME PAID SURVEY SITES!

1.  Global Test Market – click here to sign up!

  • Will pay you in points that convert to cash!
  • Payout is $50

2. Survey4Profit – click here to sign up!

  • Pays you in cash
  • Payout of $50
  • Offers paid emails, product testing, videos, referrals & even $5 for A Picture of your Payout Check!

3. SurveySavvy – Click Here to Sign Up!

  • Payout is only $1!!!
  • Paid surveys and very easy to earn!

4. Panda Research – Click Here to Sign Up!

  • Easy surveys and pay to participate offers
  • Payout at $50

5. Inbox Dollars – Click Here to Sign Up!

  • $30 payout level
  • $5 sign up BONUS!
  • Get paid to read emails, surf the web, paid to participate, earn from games, and even shopping!

6. Send Earnings –  Click Here to Sign Up!

  • $30 payout level 
  • $5 sign up BONUS
  • Get paid to read emails, surf the web, take special offers, play games, and even shop!

7. SurveyHead – Click Here to Sign Up!

  • $5 Sign Up BONUS!
  • Add earning with their Ipoll App for your phone! You can earn at the grocery!

8. Swagbucks-Click Here to Sign Up!

  • Earn points for shopping, surveys, deals, polls, coupons, etc!
  • Transfer points to cash or prizes!!

9. CashCrate – Click Here to Sign Up!

  • $1 sign up bonus
  • earn through games, surveys, paid to participate, etc!
  • LOW minimum payment of $20
  • Easy to earn

10. I-Say – Click here to get started!

  • VERY Well Respected
  • never a request for payment! surveys only
  • paid through points which convert to prize and CASH!

That is just a list of 10 to get you started! I will keep updating the list and adding new sites as they come up! There are hundreds of sites and I don’t want to recommend it until I personally have made some money from it.


Good luck on your surveys and please share any successes you have!



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